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Changes for casual employees under the Protecting Worker Entitlements Act 2023.

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Claim for Reimbursement Guide

Reimbursement process

A Claim for Reimbursement must be submitted before Coal LSL can release funds to reimburse an employer for payments made to employees for their long service leave.


  • Employees must be paid their entitlement before a Claim for Reimbursement is requested from Coal LSL.

  • Paying an employee less than the amount required may incur a civil penalty under the governing legislation.

Complete a Reimbursement form

1. Enter your Employer Details.

2. Enter the information exactly as per the leave application confirmation.

3. Enter the amount and hours worked to earn this amount, the amount paid to the employee, and the payment date.

Please ensure:

  • all fields on the form are completed except the grey cells, which auto calculate

  • the correct number of decimal places are entered as required by each column on the form, particularly the Number of Hours column

  • date is in the format dd/mm/yyyy.


Where to find information: Information related to the approved leave application is available in the Leave Approved report, in the Reports section of Online Services.

Eligible wages amount for previous month: Provide the eligible wage amount calculated for the employee on the last complete month Levy Advice form prior to the leave commencement date. For example, if the leave is taken in June, include the eligible wage amount reported on the May Levy Advice form.

Hours worked in previous month: List the number of hours worked by the employee in the month for which the Eligible Wage Amount is quoted. This number depends on the work status of the employee and the eligible wage calculation applied.

  • Casual employees: report the hours worked as reported on the Levy Advice form, which should be all hours worked.

  • Permanent, non-salaried employees: report the hours using the same eligible wage calculation method that was applied on the Levy Advice form i.e. 3B(1)(a) (use ordinary hours) or 3B(1)(b) (use all hours worked, including overtime). (Source: Coal Mining Industry (Long Service Leave) Administration Act 1992)

  • Salaried employees: report ordinary hours.

Calculated claim amount: This is the calculated reimbursable amount, based on the eligible wage amount per hour. Use the reported eligible wages and hours worked to calculate the amount. This calculation is in accordance with the Employer Reimbursement Rules 2017.

Amount paid to employee: This is the payment amount that has been made to the employee. This may be the same as the Calculated Claim Amount but may differ depending on the individual employment conditions.

The amount paid to the employee for the leave taken must be no less than an amount that is equal to the base rate of pay that would have been payable to the employee during the period had the employee not taken the leave, plus incentive‑based payments and bonuses.

Reimbursable amount: In accordance with Rule 9 (2) of the Reimbursement Rules, the Reimbursable Amount is taken to be the lesser of the calculated Claim Amount and the Amount Paid to the employee. If you have questions regarding this amount, please raise a support case or contact your Relationship Manager.

Submit a Claim for Reimbursement

Submit Claim for Reimbursement forms via Online Services in the supplied Microsoft Excel format. View our support page for further instructions on how to submit your claim online.

For questions, please call 1300 852 625 from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5.00pm (AEST/AEDT when in operation).


  • Payment has been made to the employee.

  • Information included in the Claim for Reimbursement is the same as what is on the leave application confirmation.

  • Employer details have been completed.

  • The correct amount of decimal places are entered in each corresponding cell.

  • The date the leave payment was paid to the employee is included.

  • Form is submitted via Online Services using the supplied Microsoft Excel format.

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