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Changes for casual employees under the Protecting Worker Entitlements Act 2023.

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Completing a Levy Advice form


Entrants section

Important note

The following information relates to reporting on eligible wages up until 31 December 2023.

You can also visit this page for instructions on how to submit a Levy Advice form for hours worked from 1 January 2024.


The Entrants section of the Levy Advice form is where you record employees commencing eligibility. This could include a new employee or an existing employee who moved into a new role and now meets the eligibility definition.

Employees should only be listed in the Entrants section of the Levy Advice form for the month covering their first eligible wage payment. After that month, employees must be listed in the Employee Details section and, if applicable, the Exits and Leave sections.

If an employee is moving to another role within the business and remains eligible, there is no need to report them as a new entrant. However, if an employee changes work status, for example from full-time to part-time, the change in status must be reported in the Employee Details section of the Levy Advice form.

Accuracy of information is crucial: providing incorrect employee information can affect an eligible employee’s ability to access their entitlement.

To amend employee details previously reported on a Levy Advice form, including hours worked, please complete and submit an Adjustment Levy Advice form. Employers must submit an Adjustment Levy Advice form as soon as a levy error is discovered.

LSL number

The LSL number is not required for new entrants and can be left blank for the first month they are included on a Levy Advice form.

If the LSL number is known, please include it, and ensure you are only using the LSL Number provided by Coal LSL (6 or 7 digits).

Employee details

The employee’s date of birth, surname and given names must be listed as per the employee’s ID, including punctuation. Nick names or aliases should not be used on the Levy Advice form.

The address should be the employee’s current postal address. Please ensure it is provided in full, including the street number and name, town or suburb, state and postcode (PO boxes are accepted). Coal LSL will verify the address against Australia Post records.

You must specify a gender for entrants. Select female (F), male (M) or other (O) if the employee prefers not to identify as male or female.

Please attach a government photo ID for each entrant.

Work status

You must specify an entrant’s work status in both the Entrants and the Employee Details sections of the Levy Advice form. The work status specified in the Entrants section must match the work status entered in the Employee Details section.

The work status reported on the Levy Advice form must correspond to the employee’s work status, as per their employment contract: full-time, part-time or casual.

Start date

Commencing eligible employees must be listed as entrants on the Levy Advice form covering the period in which the first eligible wage payment was made for them.

Example: John Smith’s eligibility commenced on 20 January 2021; he received his first eligible wages on 4 February. He should be listed on the February 2021 Levy Advice form, with a 20/1/2021 start date.

The start date must be in the month of the current levy period, or within 14 days prior. You will be asked to justify a start date preceding the levy processing month by 15 days or more.

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